Attending Classes by Belt Rank

Posted on September 5, 2019

With the start of the school year, our class attendance has jumped back up and we’d like to ask that all students try to attend the classes that are designated for their belt rank. Our classes are set up to deliver curriculum for White through Green Belts in the 5:30pm class and the advanced material for Purple through Brown Belts at 6:15pm. Our Black Belt Master’s class is also in the 6:15pm time slot.

Attending the rank-appropriate class helps ensure that each student gets the attention and material they need to progress to the next level and that the staff is able to focus on those specific ranks in each class. While our advanced students are welcome to drop in to the 5:30 class and can get a good workout in, they won’t be getting their own curriculum in that time slot, and we’d hate to see any of our students not getting what they need to be able to earn their stripes and test for their next belts.

As a reminder, our Saturday morning class is open to all ages and ranks at 9:45am. Thanks — have a great week!

— Jeni Risgaard, Front Desk Coordinator