Class Options

Select below from our available options including Martial Arts, Little Kickers, Self-Defense Training, Total Fitness Training, and MPK Leadership Team.

Martial Arts (age 8 to adult)

Designed to develop a focused and goal-oriented student. Improve your ability, flexibility, and overall well-being. Blends classic exercises & conditioning while developing your martial arts and basic self-defense skills.

Little Kickers (ages 4-7)

Through kid-friendly games and drills your child can experience the fun of martial arts while learning valuable skills — focus, balance, coordination, and personal control. Perseverance, self respect and self control are the results.

Self-Defense Training

Learn effective self-defense techniques to subdue aggressors in various situations regardless of physical size (incorporated with our regular curriculum). Custom training for groups or advanced training for police departments also available.

Total Fitness Training

Total Fitness Training is a fun workout for full body fitness. It includes a combination of strength training, cardio work, and kickboxing using heavy bags, weights, bands, and other tools in combination with body weight exercises and/or circuit training.

MPK Leadership & Weapons

Get more from your martial arts. This allows students to learn a different side of martial arts. There is an emphasis on leadership qualities and other skills not covered in regular training. Weapons training may include: nunchaku, bo staff, kama, bokken, and escrima sticks. Classes meet twice-a-week for three month rotations.