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True to our craft, we’re flexible.

When you enroll at MPK, the choice is yours. You can enroll for a single month, but the best value comes with our 4-month or 12-month plans. Your options with payment are one lump sum “paid in full” (Series & Memberships), or recurring, automatic monthly payments (Contracts) based on the plan you choose. To arrange for payment by check, please contact us. For After School Program, please click here to request current rates for what you have in mind.


This option allows you to sign-up for plans
Whether you’re signing up for a Trial Package,
a single month plan, or one of our 4-month or
12-month plans, your payment is in full
at the time of enrollment.

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This option allows you to setup RECURRING MONTHLY PAYMENTS for the plan you choose. Instead of the upfront complete payment of the Series & Membership options, you pick your plan and your credit card will be charged once a month for the duration of the plan.

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