Update for Fall

Posted on August 18, 2020

I would like to share with our members what we are planning to do for the start of the school year. We have received many requests to offer a place for virtual learning here at the studio. I have been searching for staff to help with this program. I have a couple of people who can help with some of the days, but unfortunately I have not been able to put together a schedule for a whole week. I am going to continue to search for staff and if we can put together the right team, I will let you all know asap. At this time I am planning on hosting 15 students if we can put together 3 solid staff members. If you know of someone who may be interested, please let us know.

The program would run from 7:30 am – 2:30 pm, for students grades k-6. We would offer karate classes for all students as well. Students would need to pack a snack and a lunch. The cost of the program would be $7 per day. Duration of the program is likely to be 50 days. Members would need to commit to the whole 50 days regardless of what the school district does.

Beyond virtual learning we are also looking at offering a program for the early afternoon to work as an after school time slot. We will continue to offer our evening classes along with zoom classes as these have been very well attended.

For those members who have continued to train, we can’t thank you enough for your support. If you have not been in, we understand, as this can be a very trying time for everyone.

Please let us know if you have an interest in participating in the virtual program if we get it going.

— Mr. Armstrong