Summer 2024 Announcements

Posted on June 7, 2024

As we dive into summer, we have some important reminders and updates for you:

  • Test Week: Next week is Test Week! Eligible students will have the opportunity to earn their forms stripe (yellow) on Wednesday and Thursday. If your student is unable to attend or isn’t ready, don’t worry—there will be more chances to test in the future.
  • Class Schedule: Our evening class schedule will remain unchanged throughout the summer. No need to worry about any adjustments to class times!
  • Summer Attire: With the warmer weather, students are welcome to wear just their MPK t-shirts all summer long. However, they can continue wearing their gi if they prefer.
  • MPK t-shirts are available for $15.00 on the MPK App or at the front desk. (Youth Sizes & Adult Sizes)
  • Belt Promotion Testing: Mark your calendars! Belt Promotion Testing for all eligible students will take place during the week of August 12th. This is an exciting event and a significant achievement for our students, so we hope everyone can attend.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re wishing you all a safe and fun-filled summer!