Important Notes (no masks effective June 2!)

Posted on May 25, 2021

In accordance with local guidelines, effective June 2nd, masks will no longer be required at Midwest Professional Karate. Masks will be required for the duration of May classes. The health and safety of all students, families and staff have always been the number one priority. We appreciate your efforts throughout this difficult time. We will continue to maintain a safe and clean facility through disinfection and distancing. Students and staff are welcome to continue to wear masks if they choose.

MPK Summer Camp is FULL! Registration is closed. If you have reached out and have regarding camp, and have not registered, please let us know.

Just a quick note to let you know that we will be doing parking lot maintenance tomorrow Wednesday 5/25 and Friday 5/27. Only half of the lot will be accessible on Wednesday and Friday. We will be leaving access to the main entry way of the building. Please bear with us and thanks for your patience!

— Mr. Armstrong

After School Early Bird Special

Posted on May 25, 2021

We are excited to open up registration for our A+ After School Martial Arts program for the 2021-2022 school year! Now through June 30 you can take advantage of our early bird special to lock in the lowest rate for the school year.

You will have options to commit to the same 3, 4 or 5 days per week for the school year, and you’ll find current rates in the registration section of the app.

The registration fee is $49 per student and includes a new uniform & t-shirt (for new and returning students). The first month’s tuition along with the registration fee will be due at the time of registration. The first scheduled tuition payment will then process October 1st.

If you will be choosing to have MPK provide your student their snacks each day please also be sure to enroll in the snack program that matches your registered days. (if you register for 3 days per week, choose the 3 day snack account). There will be an option to register for your program with daily snacks included which will just roll the snack fee into tuition. You may also choose to register without snacks. In that case, you’d send a daily snack with your student.

Click this link to the MPK app for online registration: 2021-2022 A+ After School Martial Arts program

Click this link to register for the MPK Snack Account (remember to register for the same # of days per week your child will be attending): MPK Snack Account

A few codes you may need:

  • For new users of the MPK app the studio code is 608-846-5111 (include the dashes)
  • Second student registration discount code – Family2
  • Third student registration discount code – Family3

(Please note that you’ll only use a discount code for the second and third student, not the first one registered).

Our After School martial arts program provides transportation from school to the studio. Students enjoy their snack and participate in a karate session daily. Karate is a personal journey, and in our after school program students gain physical, social and emotional life skills. Our after school students earn belts and belt stripes as they build skills that symbolize their accomplishments. Belt and stripe testing is a part of their journey. You will be notified about test scheduling for your student when they have met their class requirements, earned all their pretest stripes, and their instructors see them consistently demonstrating a positive attitude and effort. Testing for their belt stripes is typically a one on one time and space for the student to display what they have learned. These are very easy to schedule in the app and a great time for families to observe their students work. Belt promotion tests are usually conducted in a group setting, and families are absolutely encouraged to dial into their students’ journey. There is an additional test fee for belt promotions.

As an additional benefit, our after school students are also eligible to participate in any of the regular evening classes as well as Saturday family classes once they resume. View the MPK Class Schedule

Oftentimes families appreciate having more than one uniform and t-shirt to rotate in while washing. Here is the link to purchase an additional uniform and MPK t-shirt if you choose to.

As always please let us know if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to a great school year!

— Heather Anderson, A+ After School & Summer Camp Director

Weapons Rotation Sign Up

Posted on April 22, 2021

We’re super excited for our kama seminar next Wednesday! If you are interested in joining this weapons rotation, you’ll need to order kamas and sign up for the class.

If you have ordered kamas at the front desk, you can pay in the app’s Shop section or using this link.

If you are interested in the seminar next Wednesday, you’ll need to sign up in the app’s Events section, or using this link.
The seminar is optional, but it’s always a great jump start for the rest of the rotation. It is on April 28 from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

You can sign up for the kama rotation classes in the app’s Events section, or using this link. The classes will meet from May 5 to June 23, from 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm.

After School 4-Day

Posted on March 20, 2021

Happy Spring! The DeForest Area School District is opening up to 4 days per week next quarter, so we’re also covering those days with our After School program. It’s a great place for kids to go after school and get in some martial arts training!

The 4-day-per-week program will start on Monday, April 5, and will run through Friday, June 4. The program will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, at a rate of $20 per day.

Our Virtual Learning Camp will also be open on Wednesdays when the kids aren’t at school in person. The rate for Virtual Learning Camp is $47 per day.

Registration for both After School and Virtual Learning Camp can be found in the MPK app. You can browse through our programs on the home page, or use the menu button in the bottom right corner and select Memberships.

If you have questions about either program, please contact our program director, Heather, at

A Few Notes Moving Forward

Posted on March 3, 2021

With our updated schedule, we’re seeing a lot more students in each class. It’s amazing that we’ve come this far! With our increased numbers, we do ask that you continue to sign up for classes in advance — this helps us a ton with planning and staffing.

Also a friendly reminder that the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students now start class at 5:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays — moved up a bit from 5:35 pm.

A lot of you may have already seen them, but we’ve made some changes to the home screen on the MPK app. Class signup is now easier to access, just select the calendar icon from the menu bar. We’ve also fixed the issues some of you were having signing up for Little Kicker class after the schedule change. If anyone still has trouble with the class signup, please let us know so we can get it resolved.

We will continue to offer online classes as well on the same schedule as the in-person classes. Please try to sign up in advance so we can staff for it. If you have any problems getting into the Zoom meeting, feel free to give us a call at 608-846-5111 and we’ll help you figure out what’s going on.

Back to Operating at 50% Capacity

Posted on February 26, 2021

We have updated our evening schedule. Earlier this month, the rule limiting us to 10 students per class section was lifted and we are now allowed to operate at 50% of our maximum capacity.

To add more value to your memberships and give students more opportunities to attend class, we are changing our evening class schedule. The new schedule goes into effect beginning Monday, March 1.

You’ll find our new schedule here. You can click to view a PDF and download or print it if you like. Everyone will have class three times per week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to all three classes — twice per week is a good benchmark to hit for attendance.

We will continue to offer online classes on the same schedule as the in-person classes.

Please continue to sign up in advance for in-person and online classes. We will have space for everyone in our in-person classes, this just helps us plan ahead so we can staff accordingly.

Thank you!